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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 24, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 9:00. more >>vicki: will be a tough start for many san jose city employees more than 600 city workers will be notified this week that they may lose their jobs by june. city leaders said the layoffs will close a $150 million budget deficit. kron 4 has more on the story. >> >>reporter: san jose has dealt with budget cuts for 10 straight years. as one city official tells me, there's simply no more fat to trim. beginning this week, the city will notify 10 percent or 600 workers they may soon be out of the job. police officers to librarians. almost all departments will see layoffs. >> very scared, right now there are friends and colleagues that have
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families, mortgages, car payments. every single expense that every other employee has. >>reporter: he is also union store, he said morale among city workers is very low. >> some areas where we could lose our jobs or take that as it does take motivation down quite a few notches. it's a >>reporter: the calcimine said the layoffs are unavoidable. since san jose is facing a deficit of $150 million. >> because we have a pension system that's unsustainable. >>reporter: he said the city needs to fix the pension systems in an otherwise more jobs will be lost and your city services will be offered. >> problem is that this year and will be worse next year because were going to carry over a massive deficit into next year. >> the city council have been working with unions representing city workers to reform the pension system. so far both sides have not
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come to an agreement. in san jose, kron 4 news. >>vicki: hundreds of oakland teachers jobs were saved because 82 percent of the full-time positions are off the chopping block. 35 jobs could be eliminated plus another 60 in the adult education programs making 95 jobs on the chopping block. finally of are expected to be sent out next month. san carlos is facing budget problems, the city is looking at new ways to fight fires. kron 4 shows as the options they're looking at which include outsourcing to a private company. >>reporter: belmont to san carlos lyra you see written on this side, that's because right now the two cities are served by one joint department. that may change as the city of san carlos looks to trim at least $1 million from the budget. >> their number of options on the table, the one the city says saves the most money comes from a private
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company called wackenhut services. it's the idea of going with the full profit contractor that's creating the most controversy. the firefighters' union has taken out this full-page ad in the local paper which says having a private company running the fire department is a bad idea. pointing out that the company doesn't have a proven track record because they've never won a municipal fire department in california. the mayor san carlos says, the private group has an interesting offer on the table one that would increase the staff level here at the station house is at a lower cost. >> to talking about additional capabilities that could make our citizens much safer. and do it at a very price competitive point. we have to look at this. >>reporter: over the last few days fire fighters have been going door to door handing out these pliers trend and make sure concerned residents show up
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at monday night's city council meeting to make their voices heard reporting live, kron 4 news. >>vicki: at 930 we will find out how the california budget battle is going including a new look at a poll that shows support for tax extensions. police in vallejo are searching for someone who shot killed the man. the release these photos from the 711 at the time of the shooting to try and track down witnesses or suspects. the shooting happened at 1:00 a.m. at the 711, someone opened fire on a man sitting is car. mr. hoping one of our viewers may recognize these men. oakland police are searching for suspects after a series of armed robberies. nicole showed us how where they happen in oakland. >>reporter: a lot of these people rob are just walking down the street in broad daylight just like this when they were suddenly held up at gunpoint. on friday a woman was walking her dog when somebody approached her with a gun and took off with herself fall. as you could
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see here, it happened around 400 block of cane street. later on a victim was sitting on the bench when he was robbed by two people at gunpoint in the 100 block of grand ave. on saturday, police say someone driving a mercedes was involved in multiple armed robberies along fifth avenue near international boulevard. according to the victims, no license plate numbers could be seen because the car had a paper license plate. in oakland, kron 4 news. >>vicki: robberies are alarming for some, of people we talked with said these are signs of the times. >> times are hard, people are out of work, people have to do things they don't want to do. >> it would be very scary and shocking, it could leave a lasting effect on the people who have been abroad. is because it makes me want to almost to a whole lot
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more prayer before step out of my house and think about caring a can of mace or something else. >> oakland police say the mercedes involved in the lake merritt robberies may have targeted several people on across the avenue. in southern california, lapd try to find the people who shot a police helicopter. it happened at 6:00 a.m., the chopper was responding to report of shots being fired when the chopper itself came under fire. one bullet hit the fuel tank, the pilot did land safely, no one aboard injured. pleas of arrested one man though they haven't said if he's connected to the shooting. >>jacqueline: started out with clouds and even some rain. it did amount to much just a few inches. it the highest amounts of the north bay. tonight another weather system headed our way that will bring some more rain for tomorrow. it will be on
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the light side. this afternoon we had the sunshine and gusty winds that were between 30 and 40 mi. per hour. if temperatures into the '60s, warmest and fairfield and santa rosa. still cool in san francisco at 58. tonight there is a weather system to the north, of course it's up in your reak off. that is where the rain is. this is headed southbound for this evening and will increase cloud cover. high clouds drifting across the sky rate now and those will be thickening up for tonight. tomorrow morning, look for the rain to develop right around dawn. as like it's going to be what morning commute, the rain should be light and scattered and it will wrap up for the afternoon. i will talk more about the forecast for tomorrow as well as the rest of the week coming up. >>vicki: giants faced off against the team they defeated to win the national league's divisional series. this time the giants were on top of their game. the braves with the giants on
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the three game series, after the braves won the nine-six. the giants have 10 wins and 11 losses. the a's are one game better than the giants today they scored four late munster and their 11th win. the a's defeated the mariners' 5-2. >> still ahead, a new poll that shows support for the governor's tax extension plan. we find out how much, truck is worth and we show of blackberry knew i had a rival.
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vicki: the city council approved a store in the city's eastern part of the town. jeff bush went downtown where many shop owners are unhappy with a decision. >>jeff: new signs of protest were in store front windows. many businesses had a sign of a cartoon with a big target rolling over downtown. local shops are worried that the target will take away customers who come downtown. even though the this vacant lot miles away.
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>> it's really disappointing because we feel that it will impact the community at large. >>jeff: a business on 4th st. and said target will over her and other store owners. >> the fact it will be outside of the downtown area will really eliminate a lot of customers coming to the downtown. target prides itself to the one-stop shopping. once you go and drive out their and your car is loaded or your full and back downtown. >>jeff: supporters of target say there's enough business to go round and that downtown shops are a niche market. regardless of opinions the target store has the green light to move into the home depot on shoreline parkway. meantime, local merchants wait to see what happens to their business. in san rafael, jeff bush kron 4 news. vicki: its caesars sunday
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vicki: kate thompson shows us how this will affect you. >>kate: in the past passengers were pumped from a flight that was overbooked were offered between 400 and $800 for the inconvenience. new rules set by the federal government means people will be better compensated. increase in net payment from $650 to $1,300. fed up with hidden charges for pillows, food, seats unchanging reservations? changes are coming. by late august airlines will have to prominently coastal's these on their website. f advertised fares will have to include taxes and government imposed fees. the
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new rules also expand on limits on tarmac delays. last year three hour limit was put on domestic flights. if now for our limit will be imposed on track delays for international flights. if airlines exceed the limit they could face fines of nearly $30,000 per passenger. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>brian: 50 turned out to be a nice easter sunday at least into the afternoon. the winds were really blowing around. i saw gusts up to 35 mi. per hour the sfo, high wind advisory on the day bridge earlier. off tonight the winds are dying down. here is at&t park live. the game is over, the giants they were unable to pull it out. if there is always next time. clear skies, mainly clear over the city. loves increasing, a temperatures in the '50s and we have a weather system of to the north. storm tracker 4 showing the rain around
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you reject tonight. this rain is coming down the coast, a week's storm and even though the rain looks impressive your ex's pushes to the south. he will notice the rain bands weaken substantially by the time they arrive here. if your future cast at three a m, as we approach the morning commute 6:00 a.m. about the middle part of the commute. some light rain beginning to appear, mainly in the north bay. that's where it's going to remain the heaviest if you will. the most significant rain will be north of the golden gate. this will spread south for the mid to late morning and i don't think were going to see much if anything for san jose, south bay or east bay. as his friend makes its way through. in the afternoon, and the showers and improving conditions with a clear and coming away by
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5:00 p.m.. a similar day today to what we have today. we will notice increasing sunshine by late today. have the jurors for the afternoon will be below average, were typically did to upper 60s and low '70's this time of year. '50s coesite, not too unusual. 57 san francisco. it will be in the '60s for a word, oakland 62, fremont 63 and get a chance for rain starting in the morning, really like and scattered. partly sunny for the afternoon with sunshine becoming more apparent. if 64 santa clara, campbell 64 and the next seven days, it's going to be some of its and downs. tuesday's strong winds, 30 to 40 m.p.h. with temperatures on the mild said. a weak system comes through tuesday and into wednesday. no rain is
9:20 pm
forecast for that. cooler and windy thursday but a big warmup possibly by next weekend. lindsay lohan vicki: the sentence to 140 days in jail. stan has all your entertainment headlines in today's hollywood minute. >> lindsay lohan >>reporter: is out of jail after posting bail. a loss angeles judge said the actress to 120 days in jail for violating probation for drunken-driving. she will remain free while earlier appeals. if she must immediately start serving 480 hours of community service. if a friend of lindsay say, the actresses in this aboutis angry about this because she's been working so hard to turn her life around. if elton john is invited along with david beck and his wife victoria. by rich you made the cut along with soul singer john stone. brieux continues to
9:21 pm
soar at the box office. the 3 d animated film called an estimated $26.9 million over the holiday weekend keeping it the number one for second week. tyler perry's latest all medea's big happy family, took second place with $25.8 million. water for elephants starring robert patterson came in third making 17 in the half million dollars. vicki: jerry brown is trying to battle the budget deficit. coming up a break down a new poll that shows support for the governor's tax extension plan. the holiday that celebrates of marijuana. we take you to the pop party for what's called for 20. whoa, i should get mom a samsung fascinate.
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>> now, here is stanley roberts, with some people behaving badly. >>stanley: there's something to it be said about inserting a tv camera of the
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people getting high of it. paranoia kicks in. most people would only show me what's going on. show me what you working with. >> get me off television. >>stanley: have no idea what he said, something about straight up weather, 6:00 in kron 4. it's not 6:00 and it's actually 420, that's not a reference to time it's all about the right to smoke weed. it's so '60s, you can actually get in different storm. >> runs christie's, cocoa puffs and in and bars. >>stanley: all laced with medical marijuana. a san francisco tree. >> little camera baby, it
9:26 pm
was a good day. good marijuana. >>stanley: wonder just some people actually have a medical marijuana card. >> i don't know, i don't care either. >> i think it's senseless and illegal anyways. >>stanley: thing in sure about all that smoking in from eating can work up a good case of, of the 30's. a word it is made up. one of the church clinchers thirst with a margarita. after all that smoking, high five things and that is in order. at golden gate park, stanley roberts kron 4 news. vicki: 50 of a comment or a story idea for stanley e- mail lesif you have a comment or
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story idea for stanley, just email him at www.peoplebehavingbadly@kron coming up look at a new poll that gives the thumbs-up to a new tax extension. we will test out the rival to apple i pad, playing with the new playbook coming up. but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway, and where the kids play can be a little intimidating... until now. with scotts ez seed. it's scotts best grass seed, starter fertilizer
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vicki: long brown took office he faced a $26 billion deficit, 14 billion has than solved after lawmakers approved service cuts. that leaves more than $12 billion left which brown says can be made up for tax extensions. to a no vote he needs to more republicans to get that on the ballot. despite the lack of support across sacramento it appears he has the support of many californians. kron 4 has more on a poll that shows
9:30 pm
the support. >>j.r. stone: democrats are saying let's keep this tax increase quarter education cuts are coming. that means books like this that thing of the past. of republicans saying that's not going to happen, they say let's fix sacramento and get taxes back to where they were. it is both sides most in the state are saying keep the increases. time is ticking on california gov. jerry brown. the time to balance the budget, a new elite times poll released this weekend shows that 52 percent of voters in the state agree with brown planned. it 30 percent oppose. the plan would close at the $26 billion deficit through 12 billion in spending cuts, 14 billion in renewing already increased taxes. a move that would last for five years.
9:31 pm
it something that's opposed by republicans. the one a tax increase to be renewed for that lot. california republicans argue that policy changes need to be made specifically a spending cap in sacramento and a penchant for. in the poll 53 percent of those surveyed favored a combination approach to the budget crisis that include both spending cuts and tax increases. most surveyed agreed with the governor's plan, more than 40 percent of those surveyed say they are also not very familiar with the details of the governor's plan. it this poll found that four out of five california voters are not happy with the job that been done in the legislature. if they don't like the fighting, they're saying if you guys can't do it lets us vote on a. that's when the republicans say that's fine, we just don't like what's on that vote right now. that's what the problem is. vicki: well the governor faces a multibillion-dollar budget deficit he signed a new contract that could give a massive payout to prison
9:32 pm
guards when they retire. as kate thompson explains, prison guards will be allowed to collect an unlimited amount of vacation time in cash when they retire. >>kate: major contributor t gov. jerry brown's campaign the prison union. now they're getting their pay day. the governor has agreed to a number of new parks in their contract including allowing guards to collect unlimited vacation days to be cashed out of on retirement at their highest pay grade. second, increasing the number of vacation and garter given by 18 days. it rain is typical guard time off to more than eight weeks the year. on average prison guards already have 19 weeks of accumulated leave. how much this plan will cost? the state did not have an estimate. last year the department of corrections paid $100 million in unused leave. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>brian: live in san
9:33 pm
francisco, the leaves blowing around tonight. the wind has been whipping around. 35 mi. per hour earlier today and still win the. the winds are over 25 m.p.h. in most places. we have mainly clear skies but were getting a little bit of a break. another system on the way tomorrow this will bring another round of light rain. partly cloudy tonight, the clouds will increase over night. that will lead to the chance for a light rain for the morning commute, hit and miss scattered rains nonetheless enough that you need to use the windshield wipers couple times. rainfall amounts only a few hundredths of an inch at best. perhaps a tent and some water spots. this will be an insignificant weather system. tuesday sunny skies, winds whipping up again 30 to 40 mi. per hour. wednesday another weather system coming in but just
9:34 pm
clouds, no rain. then some cooler weather settling in for later this week. i will talk more about that coming up. vicki: today marks the end of land for millions of questions which culminates in the easter celebration. in san francisco that means a street fair in for raid portrait scores following easter mass. doing for the arts and crafts to a petting zoo and food from around the globe. easter is not just a day of celebration but a reflection and rebirth. we show you how the holiday in tax national and world events. >>reporter: a tornado may have battered their community but easter worshipers at holy spirit catholic church outside st. louis came to mass with their spirits and tact. >> god was shining on us. >>reporter: she said those who lost their homes to the twister were on her mind. >> it's really hard and i haven't lost my home, i can
9:35 pm
certainly sympathize with them. we all look to family and friends and we can replace positions. >>reporter: the president went to services, this is his motor caterer arriving to the baptist church in washington. this has was founded by freed black citizens in the 1850's. at the vatican, pope benedict the 16th at celebrated mass in st. peter's square as part of the traditional address he spoke of the civil war in libya. >> to disclose missy and dialogue take the place of farms. made those who suffer as a result of the conflict be given access to human aids. >>reporter: beacon of the uprisinhuman aid. vicki: trump claims he's worth billions. coming up a tick of the calculator and size up his true net worth.
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vicki: , a trump won't say if he's running for president in is just as secretive about how rich he is. he made a point as whether he is preferable over gop candidates because of his net worth. >> the apprentice opening oppose about the power of money. and then down donald trump's own wealth is tricky. we talked by phone. you say your wealth is more than 2.7 billion. how much more? >> i do want to do this because i don't want to rule in the suspense for the day that i possibly announce. i will tell you this much more. >>reporter: now is whether he will run for president, if he does you have to tell all on a required financial disclosure form. if for no
9:40 pm
it's a guessing game. >> my big thing is realistic, a degraded real- estate. i'm really good at it. >> i would rather wait until the filing. >>reporter: how about the celebrity practice contract? >> it's been lucrative. i'd rather not. >>reporter: 1 a play in a tropical course high rise apartment buildings on the york's city west side all say trump bought his stake is less than clear. how about trump bought stock, the trump mistakes, thursday for trump spring water? he won't say how much remains on those days deals either. should his network this matter to potential voters? the need to be comfortable with the person, donald trump part of we is is how he's made his money and how he has lived his life.
9:41 pm
>>reporter: wonder about his riches, he has a lot of dealings that affected many people. it i would like to know if he has the people's interest at heart. you've gone through well publicized and crises. >> that's wrong, i never went bankrupt at all. to >>reporter: through his casinos were thrown into chapter 11 strategically to save the business. >> but we've used the laws of this company to reduce debt. i had a casino company and still have, where i cut the debt from 1.8 billion to approximately $300 million. >>reporter: much of the casinos does he still on? >> of variable value valuable piece. i do want to say that it's a nice job. >>reporter: if he runs and opens his books, are you prepared for the scrutiny that that is going to unleash? >> i been a public person for 20 years, people know me, they don't know that
9:42 pm
much because on the private person in terms of financial. that will be disclosed. >>reporter: maybe then we will get some sense of his dollars. this is in, n.y.. vicki: down to the royal wedding, coming up we get a look at why the prince and she middleton are good for the bridal business. >>brian: i will let jan know when the rain will be here coming all.
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vicki: you can bet on anything these days, even the royal wedding. for taking bets from the color of her dress, and whether the live happily ever after. the wedding is days away, people 29. as kate middleton is about to become britain's next princess, wedding fever is spreading across the country. we take a look at
9:46 pm
the bridal business boom. >> >> (music) >>reporter: recovery may be fragile and economic health uncertain. one thing is for sure britain's wedding industry is during up for a huge year. the reason? all royal wedding set to attract millions even maybe hundreds of millions. many of those few words of been fond memories of the last wedding to garner a local attention. >> of this will be different to her wedding, her dress was puffy, they did huge. i think this will be more elegant, slim and sleek. something more a line, beautiful intelligence. to slim and long and beautiful. >> (music) >> the wedding market in the u.k. is worth about $9 billion in total. britain
9:47 pm
still spend on average about 30,000 u.s. dollars on the big day. one of these people is georgina who is our drive to be on this day. the u.k. national winning show attracts 60,000 people each year. whatever the budget, there's something for every gushing bride. it an exciting time that a very extensive time as well. dresses, it takes. >> i don't have a big budget, and thinking around the 30,000 lb. mark. >> that's about $50,000. >> my guess is people will be cutting back. to have a royal wedding is going to be an enormous thing. whatever
9:48 pm
your price range, pride in booty can have their cake and eat it too. vicki: save the date for next week's royal wedding of prince william and kindle to on friday april 29th. we'll be ready at 2:00 a.m. to bring you every moment of the marriage ceremony tariff >>brian: or at mccaw the point at at&t and there is see the covey statue. if you could see low clouds rolling in. it also some high clouds from weather system that is coming down the coast. right now to the jurors in the '50s, san francisco 53 with winds blowing 20 to 25 mi. per hour. antioch 50 degrees. here is the storm, to the north that rain is shifting toward the day tonight. clouds increase after midnight, rain developing around on. that's the latest
9:49 pm
from the forecast model. it that light rain should persist into just after new with it some improvement for the late afternoon hours perhaps some sunshine. this is one of the forecast models we look at. clouds over the place at 3:00 a.m. and the green beginning to appear are drumsticks a.m.. if at least early on the commute this rain is staying to the north of the will of the bridge, marin, sonoma and napa county. it will slide through the late morning hours. it all falls apart as it becomes unglued, and as a result of the rainfall amounts we see will be perhaps a few hundredths of an inch and even into the south bay may be nothing all. it skies clearing out for the afternoon. it. that's a mixture of clouds and sunshine. if temperatures on the cool side, loaded 60s in the north bay, '50s along
9:50 pm
the coast, san francisco in the '50s. 60 san leandro in hayward, 58 richmond. the winds will pick up in the afternoon. look for the breezes off to be up between 25 and 30 m.p.h.. it a lot like we have today. low the mid-60s east bay. 64 milpitas, 64 sunnyvale. by tuesday, mostly sunny and strong winds possibly. they could climb of around 40 m.p.h.. and on subtle pattern at least for the time being. temperatures will go back down again thursday as a weather system going to the north and we will be stuck in the 50s and low the mid-60s with strong winds. if you're wondering when the warm springlike weather will get here, i think next week and we may see temperatures possibly into the '80s.
9:51 pm
>> now, here is stanley roberts, with some people behaving badly. >>stanley: these kids are tossing what's left of wheat bread to baby ducklings. legal. this is not most cities. this is cupertino. i'm at memorial park where the city is waging war trying to stop people from feeding the ducks and geese. cupertino city council opted not to pass a law making it illegal to feed the birds, which would come with fines. instead they chose a more practical approach by basically saying to people, stop or will yell stop again. that's because the city chose to put up signs like this that simply read thank-you for not feeding the birds. the signs go on to tell visitors their problems with bird feeding
9:52 pm
like overpopulation and an unhealthy concentration of feces which could cause a decline of water quality in the park and spread disease among other birds. they plan putting signs in multiple languages and more areas where feeding is common. for the record, ducks and geese eat grass not instant rice and in some cases candy. the city hopes by educating these visitors they will stop feeding birds. if that doesn't work, there's always the old standby. start handing out fines. in cupertino, stanley roberts kron 4 news. vicki: new competition for the i pad, we get a look at blackberry contender called playbook. if we size it up. [ jerry ] look at this!
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>>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news.
9:56 pm
>>gabe: playbook is different than the i pad, it is a lot smaller than the i pad. let me show you what it looks like compared to the i pad. about half the size, so far none i've had tablets have an android or honeycomb google base. similar to the injury smart phone, the play book does not run on the tablet software, and runs on blackberries operating system serve very much like a big black very smart phone. if that reads one cause othat creates one possible negative, this will only work if you wirelessly sync with your black very smart phone. if the to have to work together in tandem. to view your e-mail in the playbook you have to have your black buried nearby. the playbook is dependent on the blackberry smartphones. therefore for now i would say this tablet is best for people who already have a smart phone
9:57 pm
it in what the playbook as an addition to that. the playbook is a solid piece of hardware, feels good, runs good its $500 for a 16 date version in the price goes up for models with more storage. gabe slate, kron 4 news. vicki: beautiful easter garden party on the peninsula in the clouds were threatening but they held off. >>brian: looks like they're going to see rain, a little bit early this morning and we will have little bit tomorrow morning to. starting of the day with rain for the morning commute it will be worst in the north bay, try in the south bay, temperatures starting out in the '40's and 50's by the afternoon. we should see sunshine a very similar day to what we had today. high temperatures '50s and '60s. vicki: will wrap up for as we hope to see you again at 11:00. ♪
9:58 pm
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